1.8 million oxygen generator machine has not been used in the Humla hospital for 9 months

Due to the lack of oxygen generator machine, district hospital of Humla refers Corona patient to get treated outside the district hospital. But the oxygen generator machine whixh wad present in the hospital had not been used since its installation.

The district hospital has installed three oxygen generators to generate 60 liters of oxygen per minute by spending millions of rupees. But now only one generator producing 15 liters is running well. One is in a state of running and the other is in a state of stagnation, while the other machine has not been in operation since it was connected.

The weakness of the hospital management is that it is not able to use the available resources at a time when the epidemic of covid is on the rise. It is the negligence of the hospital management which is not being able to use the equipment and not operating the oxygen generator even after 9 months of connection.

Locals say that money has been misused in the district. Two years ago, the Karnali state government was connected to the district hospital by the Ministry of Social Development by bringing two 40 LPM machines (capacity of 40 liters of oxygen per minute) of 20 units. When this was not enough, the Health Service Office, Humla, spent Rs. 18 lakhs 60 thousand on bringing one LPM machines (capacity of 20 liters of oxygen per minute) of 20 units was installed but not used since 9 months.

Dipendra Agrawal of Hyatt Medico Distributor along with his technician had brought the machine last Bhadra with the Health Service Office budget of Rs. 18 lakh 60 thousand .Chief of the Health Service Office, Prem Bahadur Singh, said that the machine was not operational the next day.

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