80-bed isolation center with oxygen in Itahari in operation

An 80-bed isolation center with oxygen has come into operation under the leadership of Itahari Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Tuesday. An isolation center has been set up at the People’s Multiple Health Institute building in Itahari Sub-metropolitan2-10 on the initiative of the private sector.

In some of the isolations constructed by the local level, the patients are refusing to stay in the isolation.
Nepal Press Union Sunsari, Young Entrepreneur Forum Itahari, Shrikrishna Pranami Mandir and Marwadi Seva Samiti Itahari have set up an 80-bed isolation center with oxygen cylinders. According to Pawan Adhikari, president of Press Union Sunsari, one of the initiators, the isolation center has various sports materials, books, high speed internet and television facilities.

Chairman of Marwadi Seva Samiti Itahari Mukesh Agrawal said that the isolation center in the three-storey building of People’s Multiple Health has technical facilities for doctors and nurses. Agarwal said that isolation was prepared under the leadership of the private sector to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control as the corona infection intensified. According to him, there is a free ambulance service in isolation and a facility for PCR check-up at a cost of Rs 750 in collaboration with Nobel Hospital in Biratnagar.

Mayor of Itahari Sub-metropolitan Dwariklal Chaudhary said that the isolation center came into operation with the participation of a limited number of people.

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