Argentina reaches to the Top 4 in Copa America

Argentina beat Ecuador 3-0 in the last quarterfinal on Sunday morning to make it to the last four.

Argentina, which had a one-sided attack from the start of the game, had created many goal opportunities. Ecuador created two chances in the counter attack but could not take advantage of it and was forced to lose. Ecuador improved in the second half, putting Argentina under pressure for some time. He could not return to the game as he could not take advantage of the opportunities created.

Rodrigo de Paul scored in the 40th minute to give Argentina an early lead. Argentina doubled their lead in the 84th minute with a goal from Lautaro Martinez. Martinez scored in a one-on-one. Then, during the injury, captain Messi scored on a free kick to give Argentina a comfortable victory. The referee gave Argentina a free kick with the help of VAR after Angel Di Maria fought outside the penalty area. Argentina will compete with Colombia for a place in the final.

Colombia beat Uruguay to make it to the last four. Uruguay were stunned in a tiebreaker with Colombia returning home from the last eight. Colombia beat Uruguay in a penalty shootout on Sunday morning. The match was decided by a penalty shootout after the match ended in a goalless draw. Colombia beat Uruguay 4-2.

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