At Bheri Hospital, Covid patients and the people accompanying them are fed for only Rs 20 per meal

Corona-infected patients and the people accompanying them who came to Bheri Hospital for treatment have received relief after food was provided for Rs. 20. The problem of sick patient guardians having to walk around looking for a hotel has come to an end after food was available at Rs. 20.

Shree Sunderkand Mitra Mandal has started feeding in the name of Anjani Mata Rasoika in the evening and in the morning for the patients and patients coming for treatment at Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj. Hotels in the hospital premises have been closed due to the lockdown so they have been feeding them only at Rs 20 in the morning and in the evening.

According to him, after the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Municipality started providing monthly assistance of Rs. 50,000, Shree Sundar Kand Mitra Mandal Anjani Mata Rasoi had started feeding breakfast at Rs. 20. Lately, after the covid infection started to increase again, even the evening meal has been started.

Based on the request of Anjani Mata Rasoi, Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan has recently started providing Rs. One lakh monthly. The sub-metropolitan government has increased its support and other supportive minds.Earlier, breakfast was Rs 20 and evening meal was Rs 80 per meal.

Hundreds of people from different districts of western Nepal come to Bheri Hospital daily for treatment. Jitendra Bahadur Singh, manager of Mitra Mandal, said that the hospital has started feeding the patients and Kuruwa at Rs. 20. According to him, doctors and health workers working in the hospital also eat in the same kitchen. The number of people coming to eat is increasing day by day. Arrangements have been made to feed 400 people daily.

Chairman of the Bheri Hospital Development Committee, Pramod Dhital, said that the provision of cheap food at the hospital premises during the Corona epidemic has brought great relief to the patients and patients. He said that the food provided by Anjani Mata Rasoi at Rs. 20 has brought relief to the patients as well as the health workers and staff working at the hospital. Bimal Chand, spokesperson of the Mitra Mandal, said that various organizations and individuals, including the sub-metropolitan government, have been providing cash and food assistance to the campaign.

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