Copa America: Paraguay wins against Chile

Paraguay secured a place in the Copa America pre-quarterfinals with a 2-0 win over Chile on Friday morning.

Brian Samudio and Miguel Almiran scored twice each to give Paraguay a two-time victory over Chile in a Group A match in Brasilia.

With the first international goal scored by Samudio, Paraguay took the lead in the 33rd minute. Chile trailed 1-0 in the first half and scored the second goal in the second half less than 13 minutes later.

Chile captain Gary Model fouled forward Carlos Gonzalez in the penalty area to give Paraguay a chance to double their lead. Taking advantage of the same penalty, Almiran doubled Paraguay’s lead in the 58th minute.

Under the leadership of coach Martin Lasarte, the goal was to maintain the unbeaten run. Chile have not lost in the last six games under his leadership. This is Chile’s first defeat under three wins and three draws.

However, despite the defeat, Chile has made it to the quarterfinals. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have reached the quarterfinals from the group stage, along with Chile, who have five points from four games in the group stage.

Only Bolivia are out of the group stage. 4/4 teams from the two groups of the first round of the 10-team competition will reach the quarterfinals.

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