Copa America will not take place in Argentina

The 47th edition of the Copa America, scheduled for this year, will not take place in Argentina. The South American Football Federation has decided not to hold the Copa America in Argentina due to an increase in corona virus infections.

In Argentina, more than 34,000 people are infected with corona daily. The South American Football Federation has stated that the Copa America had to be moved due to the increasing rate of corona infection in the last 14 days.

Earlier, the Copa America was jointly organized by Argentina and Colombia. But after a political upheaval in Colombia, Colombia was removed from the co-organizers. The competition was said to be held in nine cities of the two countries. There were 5 cities in Argentina and 4 cities in Colombia.

This year’s Copa America is scheduled for June 13 to July 10. With no Copa in Argentina and Colombia, discussions are now under way in Chile or the United States. Earlier, it was postponed for a year due to the Corona scheduled to be held last year.

Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru will participate in the Copa. Similarly, Qatar and Australia will also play 12 teams as invited teams in Asia, but now both the Asian teams will not participate.

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