Corona test of 1350 in Barpak

A 24-year-old girl from Barpak is being airlifted to Kathmandu for further treatment after her health condition deteriorated. Corona of 1355 locals of Barpak in Sulikot Gaonpalika-1 and 2 of Barpak has been tested in the last three days. Of the 963 people tested positive for antigens, 83 reported positive. A sample of 392 swabs has been sent to Pokhara for PCR testing.

A team of state health directorate Pokhara, health office Gorkha and village health workers who reached Barpak for corona test returned on Sunday. The municipality had called a team of health workers to test the spread of corona after 10 people died and hundreds fell ill with the flu in a week in the densely populated Barpak. Earlier, local health workers and people’s representatives, who were reluctant to test the corona, reached the village and agreed.
Health workers say the epidemic broke out two weeks ago in Barpak, which has about 1,100 households. According to the majority of those who came for the test, they had health problems two years ago. A team of health workers led by Dr. Santosh Banstola said. “Fifteen days ago, we met a lot of people who said they didn’t have food, they had a cold,” he said.

He said that the tendency of the locals not to go for check-up even after getting sick is seen as a challenge. “We have collected swabs of some of them. Even if the PCR report is positive, there is no need to panic. We have already referred the patients with complicated condition due to symptoms,” he said. “We have asked the local health workers to follow up on the health condition of those living in home isolation.”

He said that medicine distribution and health check-up were also done according to the nature of the patient. A woman with two corona infections and an oxygen label deficiency was sent to a well-equipped hospital on Saturday for further treatment. The 24-year-old girl was sent to Kathmandu by helicopter after her health condition deteriorated, said Nani Babu Dani, Public Health Inspector at the Gandaki Provincial Health Directorate. Dani said that an awareness program is needed to break the tradition of believing in Dhamijhankri.

The municipality has stated that it has emphasized on health awareness program as the situation in Barpak has become complicated. Gautam Bhandari, chief administrative officer of the village municipality, said that a health assistant and a UNMI were managed in the village until the situation returned to normal. A trial earlier this month confirmed corona in 63 people.

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