Corona vaccines from America will be given to whom and when?

The US government has provided 1.53 million vaccines to the Government of Nepal. The vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Company arrived in Kathmandu on Monday morning.

The vaccine came to Nepal through the US government’s Covax program. US Ambassador Randy Berry said that the vaccine would protect the lives of 1.5 million Nepalis even if only one dose was given.

The vaccine will be distributed as per the decision of the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal. As the vaccine arrived in Kathmandu only on Monday morning, a detailed discussion is yet to take place as to when it will be distributed.

The vaccine is given priority to people under the age of 60, said Sameer Kumar Adhikari, joint spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population.

According to him, the vaccine from the United States will be given according to the age group and to the people who will be deployed in the front line and those who are missing. The vaccine will also be distributed to those who have missed the front line professionally. “We are ready to address all those who have worked professionally at risk,” the official said.

Vaccines for Verocell and Johnson have arrived and are being prepared. He informed that there is no decision as to who will be vaccinated as one of the vaccines is full dose and the other is half dose.

According to him, the government of Nepal is preparing to vaccinate age groups, teachers and people going abroad by giving more priority. He informed that the demand of those whose applications are coming more will be addressed.

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