Due to Floods and landslides, 33 people died and some are missing.

With the onset of monsoon, floods and landslides in different parts of the country have killed 33 people and left 30 without contact.

According to the National Emergency Operations Center, 33 people have lost their lives in 168 incidents of floods and landslides from 31 July to 17 July. Of them, 30 are missing and 30 have been injured.

According to the Center, there are five in Sindhupalchowk, three in Rolpa, two each in Pyuthan, Rautahat, Tanahu and Chitwan. People have lost their lives.

Similarly, 20 people in Sindhupalchowk, three in Chitwan, two in Dang and one each in Dhading, Bajura, Gorkha, Rupandehi and kalikot have lost contact due to floods and landslides.

So far, 475 private houses have been completely damaged in the floods and landslides. Similarly, 112 houses have been partially damaged.

Besides, 36 government offices, 6 schools and community buildings, 22 suspension bridges, 13 concrete bridges, 13 hydropower projects, five wooden bridges and two banks and financial institutions have been damaged.

Roads have been blocked in various places due to floods and landslides caused by the rains since last night. So far, more than two dozen roads have been blocked, the center said.

Similarly, the Narayangarh-Muglin road has been blocked again due to landslides in two places. According to the District Police Office, the road was blocked due to landslide in Ichchakamana VDC -6 of Chitwan.

According to the police, police has been mobilized to remove the landslide at 5.30 this morning. However, the District Police Office stated that it was difficult to remove the landslide due to rain.

A landslide had also hit the place on Thursday. The landslide was cleared and traffic was resumed in the evening. The landslide happened again last night.

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