Eye-damaging ‘black fungus’ found in some Corona infected people in Nepal

In the third week of April, a 67-year-old man from Birgunj was admitted to a private hospital with respiratory problems. Antigen testing showed corona infection. As he was also a diabetic, the doctors immediately put him in the ICU and started treatment. But the condition of the infected did not improve.

On the seventh day of his hospitalization, his left eye suddenly appeared swollen. Sugar levels also skyrocketed. Although my eyes were sore and swollen, fluid like blood started coming. He died on the 10th day while undergoing treatment.

We gave him all the medicine he needed to treat Covid, but his health was not improving. Udayanarayan Singh said, “On the seventh day, his eyes became swollen, blood-like fluid came out of his eyes and he had to be lost on the 10th day of his hospitalization.”

“As the immune system weakens, the opportunistic infection develops,” he said.

Dr. According to Singh, the symptoms in the deceased were similar to those of mucor mycosis.

Mucor mycosis is also called a fungal infection. Doctors say that this rare infection is usually transmitted by contact with a fungus called mucor in soil, plants, manure, and rotten fruits and vegetables.

In India, which has recently been devastated by the Corona epidemic, a rare type of infection called ‘black fungus’ has been found in patients who have recovered from Covid-19. This problem is seen in more than two thousand in Maharashtra alone. According to Milind Nawalekhe, a doctor at the Global Hospital in Mumbai, Al Jazeera reports that 20 to 25 patients a day come with this problem.

A 67-year-old man from Birgunj has not been diagnosed with the infection. ‘Preparations were being made to check for fungus that appeared in the eyes as health improved,’ said Dr. Says Singh.

General Physician of Narayani Hospital in Birgunj Dr. Niraj Singh says that other patients have the same problem.

Dr. According to Singh, a man from Bara with corona infection was living in home isolation. Dr. He was also taking medicine as per Singh’s advice. He came to see Dr. Singh only after he had a lot of sugar. “After seeing the crooked mouth, I suspected that it was mucous mycosis,” he said.

Singh, who was admitted to the hospital on suspicion of mucositis, had sought treatment from the Ministry of Health and Population. “I was sent to Kathmandu for further treatment after the medicine did not work,” said Dr. Narayani Hospital. Singh says, “I heard the news of his death during treatment.”

According to him, another person had the same problem, but died without being tested. He said that one person returned home after treatment and the other was referred to Kathmandu on suspicion of mucositis.

Dr. According to Singh, patients with diabetes, cancer, kidney and steroid use have a weakened immune system, leading to apoptotic infections. Symptoms include high blood sugar, difficulty breathing, swollen eyes, pain, blurred vision, and bleeding from the eyes.

It is a disease of the mucous mycosis. He said that due to mucor mycosis, the eyes become swollen, painful, blurred vision and fluid like blood flows from the eyes and there is a danger of losing the light of the eyes if not treated in time.

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