Farmers did not get fertilizer

Farmers in Kailali district have been affected after the prohibition was imposed due to corona infection. Due to the prohibition, farmers have not been able to use chemical fertilizers for paddy cultivation for years.

Even though chemical fertilizers were available in sufficient quantity in various agricultural cooperatives in Kailali before the prohibition, farmers have been affected when the sale of fertilizers was stopped after the prohibition.

Farmer Bhoj Bahadur Chaudhary says that he did not get fertilizer even when the time for cultivation was approaching due to the prohibition. “This time we heard that there was no shortage of manure. Many farmers like me were relieved,” he said, adding that seedlings were being prepared for planting in the fields but no manure was available. Cooperatives are not selling manure.

Farmers of Kailali, who were suffering due to non-availability of manure due to prohibition after Corona last year, are worried that they do not know whether they will get manure or not. Farmers have started planting paddy beds for paddy cultivation from the first week of June.
Another farmer, Premlal Chaudhary, said that the farmers have been searching for chemical fertilizers even after the ban was imposed. “There is a prohibition, there is no decision to get manure, now we cannot stay at home just because we will get Corona,” said Premlal. Otherwise, production is bound to decline. “

Farmers have been engaged in the preparation of paddy cultivation for years. This is the time to collect fertilizer seeds for paddy. Due to the prohibition imposed by Corona, farmers are not able to procure fertilizers and seeds. In the past, even though it was said that there was enough manure, the problem of not getting manure on time has added to the worries of the farmers. Farmer Birbal Dagora said that the sellers, cooperatives and the local government should look into the need and priority for the convenience of manure as it would affect the paddy cultivation if the farmers do not use chemical manure. “Let the prohibition continue, but let the farmers have the necessary fertilizer, seeds, fuel, make it easy for us to walk,” says Dagoura. Fuel for ploughing the field also should be made available easily and at all times.

Farmers say that if the country comes to a standstill due to the panemic, even if it affects agricultural production, there will be famine. “Economic activity in the country has come to a standstill. Production is the means of satisfying human hunger. To increase agricultural production, support is needed for seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, manpower required for farming, ”says farmer leader Rupesh Sharma.“ The government should give priority to mobilizing all these infrastructures and making necessary arrangements. We also need to help farmers market their produce. ”

Farmers of Kailali have to pay for manure every year. In the past, farmers who used to manage manure across the Indian market have been hit hard since the Indian border was closed last year. In Kailali, paddy is cultivated in an area of ​​71,000 hectares and about 20,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizer is required.

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