Flood in Bhemathang of Sindhupalchowk

The landslide at Bhemathang Chaur under the Semesidang Himal in Helambu VDC ward no -1 on Ashar 1 and the sudden and unimaginable flood in the Melamchi River have caused great damage to human and physical infrastructure.

The floods particularly affected Timbu, Kiul, Chanaute, Gyalthum, Talamarang and Melamchi. There was irreparable damage to individual houses, organizations, various offices, arable land, schools and other physical infrastructure. People who managed to escape in the evening are in vain.

The children have been deprived of going to school due to the collapse of the concrete structure of the school and the general public has been deprived of access to information due to the damage caused to the media. Even in the midst of the devastation of Corona, Terse Mavi Talamarang had been promoting educational activities through various means. The school was actively involved in its activities due to enrollment of students and distribution of books.

The leading school of Melamchi region is known as the model school of Melamchi municipality providing quality education. Saturday’s floods caused physical damage to the school, which was slightly damaged by the floods on Ashar 1.

The risk has increased not only in schools but also in police stations and houses of locals. The school was physically damaged. Because of this, the future of thousands of students is in the dark.

Terse high school, which was established in 2047 BS, has never been able to breathe a sigh of relief. The school building was constructed on the initiative of various organizations, donor agencies and parents. The earthquake of 2072 BS destroyed the school. Parents, students and teachers cannot forget the initiative and struggle for the operation of the school at that time.

Wooden poles, tin-roofed schools, and thatched roofs are post-earthquake conditions. Everything from teaching in one class to shouting could be heard by all the students in the other class. The advantage of that time was that even if the school building collapsed, the land was still there. Now there is no house, no land. Terse High School is trying to get out of this painful situation again.

The school principal Dhungana vows to continue to run the school despite any challenges. He informed that the campaign was launched to save the rest of the school by installing tarpaulin in the river with the help of general parents, education-loving dignitaries and stakeholders.

It is natural to worry that the future of the students from Melamchi Bazaar to Chanaute in Helambu will be lost not only to the students but also to the region. Meanwhile, school principal Shahi also said that the school will move forward to provide quality education again taking care of the future of the students.

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