Free food transportation service in Kathmandu Valley from today

The government has decided to provide free transportation service to the people who are facing food shortage from today. The administration has decided to close the food store for a year to prevent corona infection. Therefore, in the meantime, if anyone needs food, free transportation service has been arranged to the house.

For this, Nepal Food Management and Trade Company and Salt Trading Corporation Limited will provide free food transportation service. Arrangements have been made for the needy citizens to order food items online and by phone by visiting the company’s website.

According to Sharmila Neupane, information officer of Nepal Food Management and Trading Company, preparations have been made to deliver food online and by phone from today. According to Neupane, the required citizens will be able to order food items worth at least Rs 2,000 to Rs 15,000. “Food will be delivered to the house on the day the required citizen orders. We have provided such facility to any citizen to prevent shortage of essential food items. In which rice, pulses, salt, oil and other essential food items can be ordered, ”Neupane told Barhakhari.

The company has stated that the food items will be delivered to the places that can be reached by car inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley ring road.

Food grains will be transported within the ring road through the company’s website Nepal, GeoVdtNP. Similarly, free transportation service has been provided across the valley through cheap and Mukundo.

According to Bajrash Kumar Jha, departmental manager of the corporation, four vans have been kept ready to transport food grains free of cost.
“We have provided a phone number requesting people to stay at home during the Corona panemic,” Jha said. If you call the number we provide and pick up the order, the food will be delivered to the place where the van can reach all over the valley. ”

According to the company, free transportation service was also provided in last year’s lockdown.

Food shops will remain closed in the Kathmandu Valley from today. Vegetables, fruits, gas pulse will be allowed to open. Violation of the prohibitory order is punishable by a fine of up to Rs 500,000 and imprisonment for up to one year, the administration said.

Call these numbers for essential food items:

Chief Executive Officer Mohan Prakash Chand – 9851320314
Deputy General Manager, Maniraj Khanal – 9851142222
Information Officer Sharmila Subedi – 9841352828
Head of Department, Bhim Bahadur Thapa – 9851136785
Regional Head, Thapathali, Gyanu Thapa – 9851121788
Chief Executive Officer Urmila Shrestha – 9851022564
Deputy Executive Officer Kumar Rajbhandari – 9851033303
Departmental Head Sabal Rijal – 9851113660
Officer Prajjwal Pradhan – 9841332990

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