Heavy snowfall on Mt. Everest for two days

Heavy snowfall has started in Mt. Everest from Wednesday. Due to the heavy snowfall, the ascent was affected and the returnees stopped at the second camp. It has been snowing since Thursday morning.

The workers of Arohan Company, who had already climbed, could not return from the second camp with their belongings. Khim Lal Gautam, a contact authorized person at the base camp, said that the helicopter could not reach the base camp from Lukla due to bad weather.

He has informed on Facebook that the high mountain workers could not go up from the base camp to pick up the goods of the second camp. He wrote, ‘Although some Sherpas went up at night to lift the tents above, the first camp was reported to have been stopped due to heavy snowfall. We are telling everyone to stay in the status quo until the weather improves. ‘

It is estimated that there are dozens of climbers in the camps above the base camp. Some climbers are now advancing from the first camp for the purpose of climbing on May 29.

This year’s Everest climb has reached its final stage. Some who have climbed have returned to Kathmandu. The climbers have reached the second camp waiting for favorable weather for the last time. This year, more than 200 people have climbed

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