Increasing infection due to negligence

A 52-year-old man from Panchadewal Binayak Municipality-3 of Achham gave a swab for corona test at Kamal Bazar PCR Laboratory on Friday. By that time, his condition was difficult. He died on Saturday without a report. The report came only on Sunday. Tek Bahadur Bista, information officer of Kamal Bazaar Municipality, said that there was no reduction in the activities of unawareness, negligence and indiscriminate crowding despite the suspicion of infection in the community. “Even when a person suspected of having a corona infection dies, no one seems to be scared,” he said. The negligence of the suspect himself has increased. ‘

Information Officer Bisht said that instead of increasing the scope of testing, it has decreased. He said that he refused to give swab as he showed symptoms even when he went to the community for testing. No one agreed to give a swab when he went for a test at Chalsa in Kamal Bazaar-4. The transition rate in the community can be reduced only if everyone tries to make them aware, ‘he said. Of the 20 people tested in Bayala, 13 tested positive. “Even now, the rate of coming from positive to negative has increased. The scope of testing should be widened, ‘he said. According to Bisht, the infection rate in the community has not decreased even a month after the prohibitory order was imposed in Achham. Infections in the community have increased due to the fact that the infected people in the village go to group work, do not live in solitude and are not tested by people with symptoms.
Yogesh Dhakal of Kamal Bazaar-3 Bayala said that the village was at risk after people with corona infection started walking openly. ‘The negligence of a person who has been confirmed to have a corona infection and his family members has made you think 20/25 women go for transplanting. There are also corona infections in the same crowd, ‘Dhakal said,’ 80 percent of those tested in Bayala have been found to be infected. Even at such a time, serious negligence has been seen. ‘

Mahesh Jaishi of Kamal Bazaar-7 Jama said that the infection has increased in the community due to the negligence of the infected. “Even when I came from India, I did not stay at home quarantine. He lived with his family. “Even those who are infected now do not seem to be conscious,” he said. Even those who show symptoms are being negligent. ‘
It is said that the rate of infection in the community may increase as they go for group work during the planting and transplanting season. ‘There is collective work in the village. Even when transplanting, 30/35 people gather. There is a growing fear of infection, “he said.” The administration has imposed a ban. But the locals are violating it. Prohibition is seen only in the market. ‘

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