“#Justicefornubhiv” is now trending on Social Medias

#justicefornubhiv is now currently trending on social media in Nepal after an 18 year old boy named Nubhiv Upreti was found dead about a month ago in Pokhara.

Brief about the case:
On a early morning of 4th Baisakh, team of Nepal army found a dead body near the Barahi Temple in Pokhara. The body was later identified as 18 years old Nubhiv Upreti from Lalitpur Khulamtar. At first the Nepal Police concluded that it was a suicide case. As a body was found, Nepal police sent a picture to his mother for identification. After finding her son, Bhima (Nubhiv’s mother), with her husband, brother-in-law and friends came to pokhara. After looking at the body they concluded that he had been beaten to death. There was a bleeding from his genitals, scars on his neck, blood on his thighs, and bruises on his face and head. Later a cctv footage was found where Nubhiv being brutally beaten can be seen. After the investigation, three teenagers seen on cctv has been taken to custody for further investigation.

Photo: Nubhiv Upreti

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