New rules for travelers to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has issued new rules for travelers entering the country to prevent corona infection.

The Saudi government has issued new rules for travelers entering the country, effective May 24.

This is the New rule
upon entering Saudi Arabia, everyone over the age of 8 must have a negative report of a PCR test or official proof that they have completed both doses of the corona vaccine. PCR test negative report should be within 72 hours.

People in Aka, Saudi Arabia, do not have to take out health insurance before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

But those going to Saudi on a visit visa will have to have health insurance to cover the treatment of corona infection. Such insurance should cover the cost of corona infection treatment at the clinic or hospital and the cost of 14 days of institutional quarantine.

All foreign nationals entering Saudi Arabia must undergo a mandatory seven-day institutional quarantine upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. But those who have been vaccinated with both doses will not have to stay in quarantine. Saudi Arabia provides institutional quarantine in the city where the passenger enters.

If corona infection is seen during the institutional quarantine, the quarantine lasts for 10 to 14 days.

If a person in Aka, Saudi Arabia, enters Saudi Arabia and is treated for an infection while living under an institutional warranty, all expenses will be borne by the Saudi government. But in the case of foreign nationals who have gone to Saudi on a visit visa, the health insurance done by the person has to be covered.

The Saudi government has said it will not allow anyone to return to Saudi Arabia if they violate the rules on seclusion and quarantine issued by the government.

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