Paul Pogba’s influence in the game

Paul Pogba is a French Professional footballer who plays for Premier League Club, Manchester United and the France national team. He is a central midfielder but he can also be attacking midfielder and defensive midfielder.

Italy’s great goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon predicted that his then Juventus teammate Pogba would win the Ballon d’Or seven years ago. “He’s one of the best players out there,” Pogba said at Allianz Arena. But no one has been able to claim that Pogba is close to being the best player in world football this year.

His impressive performance in France’s 1-0 win over Munich was incredible. To many, this is an exception. This is the disappointing truth of his career. Manchester United supporters will be relieved to think so. The 28-year-old midfielder has long been a different player for the club and the national team. The facts are that his feet feel more comfortable in the international arena than at Old Trafford.

He was on the field against Germany. He was the only one on the field to see the art of tackling, passing and advancing the overall game. These Chelsea stars also performed brilliantly. But more than that, Pogba had his own high level of performance. In defense, he took 12 more positions than any other player. While other players managed to grab the ball up to three times at most. He had the same influence in the front line. Lucas Herzandez’s strike hit Matt Hummels’ leg and he assisted the ball before the goal. He was also unexpectedly involved in two failed goals by Mbappe and Karim Benzema.

However, Pogba was the player who committed the most fouls throughout the game. Opposition defender Antonio Rudigar also tried to stab him in the back. In any case, he had demonstrated all his skills. Undoubtedly, he was named Man of the Match. But it is unclear whether he will be named the world’s best footballer.

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