Preparation to lift the prohibitory order from Ashar

The government has been preparing to lift the prohibitory order since Ashar. The home ministry said they were preparing to ease the ban as corona infection rates, mortality rates are decreasing and recovery rates were rising.

Ministry spokesperson Janak Raj Dahal said that the transition had gained momentum when the prohibitory order suddenly lifted last year, but this time the government was preparing to lift the prohibitory order on the basis of necessity. He said the ministry was reviewing it.

According to him, meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings, seminars, cinema halls, dance bars, rehearsals, dance halls, clubs, party palaces, swimming pools, shopping malls, entertainment venues, salons, beauty parlors, health clubs, futsal, gym, group games will be played during the period. Sports activities including sports, library, museum, zoo will not be open.

Similarly, as it is time to cultivate, giving priority to the farmers and connecting them with their daily life is a priority, said spokesperson Dahal.

As it is rainy season, priority will be given to fertilizer, seeds, agriculture, management of essential manpower, transportation of materials and development, he said.

However, spokesperson Dahal said that even for these activities, full health standards have to be followed. Similarly, the government is also preparing to allow heavy vehicles to operate in the Kathmandu Valley.

He said that the government was only in the process of easing the prohibitory order but was not in a position to fully open it. He said the prohibitory order helped in controlling the corona.

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