Preparations to ease the prohibitory order in Kathmandu Valley after Jestha 20

It has been one month since the prohibitory order was imposed in Kathmandu Valley. A restraining order has been issued to reduce the alarming situation of corona infection till Jestha 20. It is yet to be decided when the prohibitory order will be lifted. Both infection and mortality have been declining in the Satayata Valley in the last one year

This is a positive sign. Chief District Officer of Kathmandu Kali Prasad Parajuli says, “The situation was very dire from Baisakh 20 to the first week of Jestha. Complaints of not getting oxygen, beds, hospital were widespread. Now those problems have been solved. ”

He said that the damage in the Kathmandu Valley has been stopped due to timely prohibitory order . However, he said that it would have been easier to stop the infection if the prohibitory order had been imposed from the last week of Chaitra or the first week of Baisakh.

Now that number is around two thousand. Parajuli says that the prohibitory order has been tightened till Jestha 20 keeping in mind the health of the citizens. However, Parajuli agrees that the prohibitory order should be eased by tightening the health standards.

However, he said that it is not possible to predict the status of the infection right now. The food and grocery stores are preparing to open in the morning after Jestha 20. The administration has decided to close all the shops except the vegetable shops till Jestha 20.

Apart from this, banks and financial institutions are also ready to open a little more than now. He said, “As the rate of infection decreases, things get easier. But, what happens, can’t be said now. ”

Parajuli says that he is aware of the complaints of some people about how long the prohibitory order should be kept. Ouy Out Of the three districts in the Kathmandu Valley, the most infected are in Kathmandu. Security officials says that citizens should still be aware of this situation.

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