Preparations to open closed food shops in the Kathmandu Valley

The government is preparing to extend the prohibitory order by one week by relaxing some provisions. According to Kathmandu Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli, food and grocery stores that have been closed for a year will be reopened in the morning.

Discussions are underway to allow five sectors to operate conditionally. It may be decided to allow grocery and department stores to open at one time in the morning to sell only groceries and food items, ‘said Prajia Parajuli to Kantipur. According to him, vehicles transporting construction materials and vehicles missed from the customs point will be allowed to run conditionally. “Discussions are underway to allow vehicles carrying public construction materials to run smoothly from night to 5 am and vehicles released from the border customs,” he said.

A joint meeting of the three district administrations of the Kathmandu Valley will be held today (Tuesday) to decide on the issue, said Parajuli. The one-week strict prohibitory order imposed on Jestha 14 is coming to an end on the night of Jestha 20. The government has issued a restraining order in the Valley since Baisakh 16 after seeing the second wave of Corona virus.

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