Simple living high thinking (Mamata Banarjee and Mahabir Pun)

Mamata Banerjee  (Mamata Bandyopadhyaya) who was born in 5 January 1955) is an Indian politician who is serving as the 9th and current Chief Minister of West Bengal since 2011, the first woman to hold the office. She founded the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC or TMC) party in 1998 after separating from the Indian National Congress, and became its first chairperson. Banerjee previously served twice as Minister of Railways, the first woman to do so. She is also the first female Minister of Coal, and Minister of Human Resource DevelopmentYouth Affairs and SportsWomen and Child Development in the cabinet of the Indian government. She rose to prominence after opposing the erstwhile land acquisition policies for industrialisation of the Communist government in West Bengal for Special Economic Zones at the cost of agriculturalists and farmers at Singur

Mahabir Pun is a Nepali scientist, teacher, social entrepreneur and an activist known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas, also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Project. His work has been recognized by the Ashoka Foundation, the Ramon Magsaysay FoundationUniversity of Nebraska, and Global Ideas Bank. He is a humanitarian whose work is inspiring many youths to return their own country and serve it for its development. Mahabir Pun led the initiative to register a nonprofit organization named “Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra” in 2012, widely termed as National Innovation Center in English. The Primary objective to establish the Innovation and invention center according to Mahabir Pun is to foster research and developments for the economic development of the country.

West Bengal (India) Chief Minister and powerful Indian leader Mamata Banerjee (66) and Nepal’s famous scientist and social engineer Mahavir Pun (66) are of the same age. Not only that, there are other similarities as well. They both always wear very simple clothes. They do not wear suits except during special gatherings.

Banerjee has been wearing the same cotton sari and slippers for more than 50 years. Whether she is a minister in the central government or a three-time chief minister of Bengal, she is proving to be a lioness.

Both are highly educated. Pun studied at a university in the United States. It’s not that they didn’t wear clothes. There is a similar reason for not wanting to wear shiny or branded clothes. When Mamta was studying in school and college, she was young, she wanted to look good, at that time Mamta did not have money to buy clothes. I always had to live in a normal sari. When he could wear the clothes he liked, his age and age were gone. Simplicity was already recognized.

When Mahabir came to Kathmandu to study in college again, he was not in a position to wear good clothes. He studied at Amrit Science College, then became a master in the village and taught. The desire to look good also ended. Plain and casual clothes became a habit. Nowadays, even though he have the status of a buyer, he don’t just want to wear good clothes.

Simple life has become the common identity of Mahabir Pun and Mamata Banarjee.

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