The Indian Army stopped the recruitment of Nepali

Police recruitment notice was issued in which Nepali and Indian Gurkhas could apply. However, according to the International Business Times, the Indian Army has since issued an amendment stating that only Indian Gurkhas can be recruited. It is not surprising that the Indian Army has issued amendments giving priority only to Indian Gurkhas. Last year alone, the Indian Army allowed non-Gurkha youths from Uttarakhand to join the Gurkha Regiment. Until then, only Nepali Gurkhas and youths from the Indian Gurkha community were recruited in the Gurkha Regiment. The ratio of Nepali to Indian Gurkha in each Gurkha regiment was 60-40. However, a few years ago, a Gurkha regiment consisting of all Indian Gurkhas was also formed. Gurkhas have participated in every war in India since India’s independence. Indians have been greatly impressed by the bravery of the Gorkhalis.

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