The price of vegetables gets doubled in Kathmandu

Prices have doubled despite the influx of vegetables as per the market demand. Most of the vegetables in the market now cost more than Rs 100 per kg. In Jestha month, the retail price was Rs 50 to 60 per kg, but now it has reached Rs 120 to 130.

The wholesale price of these vegetables in Kalimati, the main wholesale market of Kathmandu, has reached around Rs 100. According to the Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee, the wholesale price of bean is Rs 110 to Rs 120 per kg and ghee is Rs 80 to Rs 90 per kg. The price doubles in the retail market.

Almost all schools in the Kathmandu Valley are currently closed due to the risk of corona. Demand for vegetables is not high as school hostels and canteens and hotels and restaurants are often closed. At present, 600 to 700 metric tonnes of vegetables are entering the market daily. However, the price is also rising.

Information Officer of Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee, Binay Shrestha, said that the price of vegetables has gone up due to the rainy season. He said that the prices have gone up as the vegetables being prepared are damaged due to the rains and the produced vegetables also deteriorate during transportation. But consumers have complained that this is not the only reason for rising prices.

Consumers have complained that traders are selling vegetables at arbitrary prices due to lack of effective monitoring.

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