There is no one to see the beauty of Kanchenjunga due to lockdown

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, shining like silver. At the foot of the mountain, the flowers of Gurans Chimal continue to attract the heart.

The beautiful footpaths of the area, the waterfalls flowing along them and the musical sound of birds as you walk through the forest. The Kanchenjunga area is really beautiful. Thousands of foreign and domestic tourists come every year to enjoy this beauty.

Tourists have not been able to come to see the beauty of Kanchenjunga this year as in previous years. They are also lined up in the footpaths here and are blocked by the growing corona epidemic in the world.

The locals here say that people from all over the world have been coming here for more than a year without seeing the faces of foreigners. The footpaths where foreigners used to walk with sticks in their hands and cameras on their shoulders are now empty. Due to which, even the small business operators opened for their service have become unemployed.

The Kanchenjunga region is full of natural beauty and biodiversity. Colorful flowers are blooming on the right and left side of the footpath. The sounds of the various birds in the area and their speed make the atmosphere musical. All this environment brings heavenly bliss to anyone who arrives here. The attraction of the waterfalls flowing from left to right of the footpath is increasing.

There is no one here to see all this beauty. After the infection of corona started spreading from village to village on March 26 last year, there was a lockdown all over Nepal. Foreign and domestic tourists have not been able to come here since the same time.

According to the data of the Kanchenjunga Area Management Council, only 799 foreign tourists came here in 2056 BS, 873 in 2057 BS and 11,197 foreign tourists from 2057 BS to 2077 BS.

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