Wishing an end to the Corona pandemic on Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is to be celebrated in Lumbini wishing for an end to the corona pandemic. Due to the prohibitory order, no formal program has been held on the 2565th Buddha Jayanti this time.

The program will be held on Wednesday from 7 to 9 am following the health standards. For the second time in seven decades, Buddha Jayanti has been celebrated in a different way in Nepal. Although there is a grand celebration of Buddha Jayanti this year, the prohibitory order it is limited to worship.
In the sixth century BC, Lord Gautam Buddha ended the epidemic by reciting the Ratanasutra in Vaishali, the capital of the Licchavi. The Ratansutra was recited after thousands of people died due to famine and epidemic. ‘After chanting all night, the next morning the cloud burst. The rains brought relief, ‘said Bhikkhu Maitri Mahasthavira, president of the Federation of Monks. That is why we will recite the same sutra here, wishing an end to the corona pandemic from all over the world. ‘

The monks, nuns, lamas and teachers present in the program will be donated. In Sanghadan, it is customary to give Ashta Pariskar to foods to the monks. Donations (cash) will be given due to infection. After that, a tree planting program will be inaugurated at 11 am at Gautam Buddha Fruit Garden. The target is to plant 25,000 fruit saplings.

“In the evening, 2,565 lights will be ignited in the Pushkarani pond to help those who have died from corona infection,” said Lumbini Development Fund Vice-Chairman Awadhesh Kumar Tripathi.

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