Covid’s patient was diagnosed with black fungus, killing three people

While the corona virus pandemic is spreading, another disease has been reported. The fungus-induced black fungus (mucormycosis) has killed the corona infected people.

This is seriously affecting the eyes, nose and face of the patient. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, coronaviruses are found to be infected with black fungus during recovery.
Spokesperson of the Ministry and Director of the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel said that some of the infected have died and some are undergoing treatment. Doctors say that the infection of black fungus can damage the nose, eyes and brain.

According to ministry spokesman Dr Poudel, about a dozen people have been diagnosed with the infection. Out Of them, three have been confirmed in Nepalgunj and two in Birgunj. Some infected people are being treated at three hospitals in Kathmandu.
Black, white and yellow fungus infections are on the rise in India, according to various news agencies. Among them, black fungus called black fungus is spreading across the border in Uttar Pradesh and bordering Banke, Parsa and other districts.

According to Health Ministry spokesman Dr Poudel, fungi are opportunistic. “These are opportunistic fungi. It seizes the opportunity Infections occur in people with weakened immune systems and long-term use of drugs ’, Dr. Poudel said that,”Steroids (medications given when oxygen levels are low) and chronic patients are more likely to be infected.”

“The exact figures are not yet available,” he said. In Nepalgunj, Birgunj and Kathmandu, 10-12 people have been infected. In Birgunj, eight people have been infected with black fungus and three have died. Doctors have informed that the infection is spreading in Birgunj and Nepalgunj bordering India. Dhundiraj Poudel, a senior nose, ear and throat specialist working at Kohalpur Medical College. According to Dhundiraj Poudel, chronically ill people in the age group of 45 to 65 years are at risk of infection.

Acute invasive sinusitis can occur if a person with a weakened immune system develops a sudden runny nose, runny nose, eye pain, or swelling of the eyes. This type of problem is also caused by the infection of black fungus and mucorrhoea, ”said Dr. Poudel.

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